Sunday, June 11, 2006

Work, but not really...

I'm pretty content with the new Blue Jay illustration, which by the way, I added the finnishing touches to this evening.

Then, I continued work on a new (bigger) piece.


I'm trying to change direction from birds, to mammals for the next couple of drawings, and what better subject than the recently evolved (6,000 years old) Mule Deer of the west.

Not to be confused with the wide-spread White-tailed Deer, or the western Black-Tailed Deer, the Mulie is best distinguished by its large mule-like ears, and a perky gate known as "stotting". That said, the Mule Deer is a deer of open country, deserts, rocky mountains, and plains. (It's going to be awhile before this one is done, so I'll likely do a couple other small drawings while continuing work on it.)


I need a haircut.


For whatever reason, I always let me hair go way too far! This week, it's more of an issue of money. But despite that, I should be getting paid for a drawing I did of the USMC Bulldog for a co-worker of mine.


The flowers and plants are rejoicing thanks to some scattered rain showers and thunderstorms yesterday. We were pummeled off and on; sometimes it rained lightly, sometimes it nearly rained sideways!

While I had the chance, I opted to take some photos of mom's "Church Bells".

Church Bells

These beautiful flowers (who's petal formations remind me of courting swans) come in a variety of colors.

Church Bells

The swan reference is more easily seen in my neighbors white variety:

White Flower

Do you see the swans? So interesting is the design of this flower, that I'm thinking of actually doing a drawing of it for the art show.

Well, that's all for now my friends.

Peace, love, and hugs to all.