Thursday, July 06, 2006

Morning Walk

To say I've been itching to get outdoors would be an understatement. The necessary evils of life have had me shackled for awhile now, and I noticed that much like some breeds of dogs, I need plenty of outdoor exercise to be happy! It's all good though, as miserable as I can be, it's all part of MORE good things that will be happening soon. Not soon enough, but very soon!

Day Lilies

Each day I go to work, and each day I pass lovely flowers that have my 'inner picture taker' frothing at the mouth. Of course, after my iPod was stolen from work, I haven't been brave enough to tote the digital camera along with me, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped that the given flowers would still be in bloom when I got my day off! As expected, they still were.

Day Lilies

Ahhh...July has definitely arrived. The lovely "day lilies" are in bloom, aiming directly at the bright sunlight, absorbing each ray. These flowers aren't native, or at least I don't believe them to be...although it's a nice thought! I've always been fond of them for their bright flaming orange coloration. At night, the day lilies close tightly, which to me adds a bit of liveliness to the flower.

I shuffled down 15th street where I snapped a picture.


I continued down the street, listening to a Song Sparrow sing proudly from atop a tree that lay along the streem that runs parallel to 15th street. I noted that with summer, a certain magic in the sparrows song is lost, perhaps an effect caused by hearing it so much in the previous four months. It was about that time that I really got caught up in his little serenade, and realized that the song was being sang with just as much enthusiasm as it had in early spring, and that it was only my human ears who had taken it so for granted.


I saw some small purple daisy flowers, which by the way, are one of the flowers I've been hoping for a picture of for a couple weeks.


Here they are, accented with some white flower that reminds me of a petunia of sorts.



A hop skip and a jump away, I opted to take some pictures of the bridge around the American Legion. The Legion is a popular bar with an actual canon in the front yard.

I didn't snap any photos of the legion itself, but rather of the bridge that crosses the stream that runs along 15th.

American Legion Bridge

American Legion Bridge

It wasn't long until I crossed the street and headed over to Soldiers Park, where our town has a monument dedicated to those in Tyrone who have fought in World War II.

Aside from more day lilies...

Day Lily

I also took a picture of the monuments themselves:

Soldiers Park

Soldiers Park

I noticed that all the white crosses had been packaged up, having been up since Memorial Day.

There aren't many of these men living, and it saddened me to see a lone ex-soldier helping to set up the crosses one day when I was strolling home from work through the park. It was like nobody really cared. It made me sad, but I did see some people at the park on memorial day, so I felt a bit better about it by that time.

Down by the train tracks I got some pictures of some interesting flowers, that, as with the others, I'd been dying to take pictures of. Unfortunately I only have a handful of pictures thanks to an f*cked up disc, and dying camera battery.



The one you see above looks like a GIANT dandilion! I don't remember seeing the actual flower in bloom, but I do have plenty of pictures in THIS phase where it is seeding.


I'm sure the birds love it.


Ah...some more roses down the street.

Back home I went, where I found some yellow daiseys! The first of the summer!


Atop the yard, our black walnut tree is maturing nicely, as are the nuts.


Haha..did I just say maturing nuts!?

Seriously though, they've grown a good bit since I last took a picture! I was really surprised. It won't be long till their fully mature.

After awhile of snooping around the yard, I looked up at the sky:


At that point, I thought it was a good time to get in the house. Afterall, my camera was at the point where it keeps shutting off because of a low battery, barely able to stay alive and snap that last picture!

So...with that, I'm off to do some artwork. Back to the grindstone.