Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mom's Job

In todays news, my mother informs her employer that she's leaving. That leaves me as the breadwinner for the family, at least until she finds another job. It's possible she'll be working with me, at least for awhile.

I can't lie, I'm irked. I'm irked because SO many times I have wanted to quit my job, and it was always "hold out just a bit longer". That fact aside, I think i've dealt with a lot more crap at my job than mom has at hers, because her's is more of a relaxed environment than my own. Come to think of it, maybe mom taking a job with me will help her earn some respect of where I've been coming from the past [almost] 4 years.

In any case, I saw sincerety in her tears. I feel a strong connection with mother, and when she cries, I could cry. I can be the strong one.

It's gonna be fine.

Peace, love, and hugs to all.