Thursday, August 24, 2006


I failed. That said, at least the item I gorged myself on was FIG NEWTONS and not raspberry/white chocolate scones, or krispy kremes! Still, the calories I consumed from eating the large sum of fig newtons that I did almost met my daily limit. Other than the fig newtons, I didn't do TOO bad for a person of my stature:

  • breakfast - two bowls of whole grain cereal, though they were frosted
  • no lunch
  • supper - six inch turkey sub on wheat, mustard as condiment, and veggies

Discipline! Discipline! Discipline!

Hopefully I've beaten my self up over it enough to keep from doing it again. An increase in excercize is in order as well. I think part of my weight gain was me stopping my walking routine. I don't even really know why I ever stoppoed...but I did. Then again, I did start hiking again (as seen with my nature-snooper entries), which has really re-toned up my legs and stuff. I'm undoubtedly burning calories from that, and probably just haven't noticed how MUCH yet. An increase is in order.

Back to the drawing board...