Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Holiday Moments

First off, Happy Halloween to all you pumpkinsluts out there who still read my blog. Halloween is a fun holiday. I guess this means the "holiday season" has officially begun because we've implimented the very first Christmas lotto tickets of the year in our lottery case. It will be time for family, for memories, and for traditions. In my town, trick-or-treat was actually the twenty-sixth, so already my jack-o-lanterns are beginning to depress. As if saddened by it's slow passing, their eyes have begun to sink in, and their smiles are not nearly as crisp and vibrant as they were the first night we carved them.

Next up? Thanksgiving.

This year is going to be different with out my great grandpap. He died recently, and as I helped carry the casket to the alter for the final ceremonies, it struck me how DIFFERENT Thanksgiving was going to be without his amazing stories. I'm going to miss him sitting by the garage, spitting tobacco, speaking of war, sledriding, and hunting. He was a living, walking, and breathing encyclopedia, with plenty of interesting twists to all his stories. Thanksgiving is a time of year I look forward to, because the following Monday is always the first day of Pennsylvania's Antlered Deer season. It's time to be one of the boys, polish my rifle, and go out to the range were we fire a few rounds into a target to make the necessary adjustments for accuracy.

This year, I took off for a good chunk of the season, because I need it. Nothing calms me, and makes me more at ease with my life than sitting nestled against the base of a massive oak, staring into the wood all day, listening to squirrels bark, crows caw, and paying close attention to every flicker of movement that my eyes discover. More often than not, it's a squirrel, or a grouse. But sometimes it's something more amazing, like a pheasant, wild turkey, or perhaps a hawk giving chase after an assorted flock of songbirds.

That said, I think it's time to go out and get my hunting license so that I can enjoy some time fall turkey hunting. Maybe I can harvest one for the Thanksgiving table?

Things are also going to be different this hunting season however. My grandfather, (not the great-grandfather I was just talking about) is not well. Some of you probably remember me talking about him not being the "same" since his cancer operation back in 98, and some may even remember me talking about how he has recently turned abusive on my grandmother. Well...we had him evaluated, and he has the beginning stages of alzheimers. He's not even allowed to keep his guns in his house anymore. We have them.

Things are going to be different around here this season, that's for sure. But we will be alright.

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.