Friday, October 06, 2006

On Through The Night

So I woke up yesterday, went to a management meeting, drove to the grocery store and then home with my boss where Coffee Guru picked me up there shortly thereafter. From there, he and I shot to my favorite resturant where he bought me dinner. I had a beer, and a chicken ceasar (with anchovies)! The look on his face when I ordered anchovies was priceless. "You're brushing your teeth when you get home." he demanded. I guess until then, there were to be no kisses for Mikey!

So, then it was back to his place, where Coffee Guru fell asleep almost immediately, having been up since four o'clock in the morning. He slept for hours, half an hour of which we cuddled, before I finally decided to go get showered.

Hours passed, as did a movie, some show I wasn't familiar with, Smallville, Super Natural, 10 News, and Sex and the City. I sat on the recliner, legs folded under me, cradling a diet coke, watching him sleep peacefully...wishing he would wake up. He would wake himself up at regular intervals with a powerful snort, then would flop lazily around into another position.

By 11:30 PM, I woke him up and said I was going to bed, as that was what we planned as our designated sleepy time. He apologized repeatedly, and after a cigarette, and some hugging, we retired to the bedroom for the night. It would be at least another hour before we slept however.

Cuddling rules.

I miss him already. I don't feel like I got to see much of him this time, and I have at least three days before I can see him again. GRRRR!


As previously mentioned, I'm getting a cell phone soon. When I get it, I'll have to give it out to a few people so I can chit chat with a few of you voice to voice. I think that would be nice.


Lex says:

"I think you and I need to one day have a little drunk fest.

Oh now wouldn't that be hilarious."

I must say, it sounds like fun...and is a sure-fire good time. Do I smell a 2007 road trip? Haha...

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.