Saturday, October 07, 2006

You gotta do...

...what you gotta do.

As much as it pains me to admit, checkout is a real bitch.

In all actuality, the series of steps are all very simple -- there are just a lot of them, and remembering them ALL is the key! So, when you can't find a simple envelope, or money wrap, or spoilage chart -- so begins the downward spiral that will thus send me into anxiety, chest pains, and raised blood pressure. All in all, I ENJOY checkout when I have adequate training, and help. But tonight, I disgress, none of the above were available, and it has been DAYS since I did checkout, and have only ever done it ONCE by myself. I have potential to be good at it...I'm just not being trained properly, despite the fact that my assistant manager will argue ferociously at the assumption.

If there is one thing I've learned about myself, it's that I complicate even the simplest of tasks. Why? I go into every project, or task, thinking it's going to be super complicated, and rarely is this the case. So mentally, I've already been defeated!

Well tonight, I was defeated. There were tons of things not done (again), and so I counted my money, folded it into bags, and put it in the safe for the rest of the more experienced management team to worry about.

If you want me to do something, I need to be ready to do it. Just because "this person" did it in "this" amount of time, does not mean we are equals. We are individuals, with different ways of learning, and different methods of doing how can ONE strict format be expected to work on all supervisors-in-training?

Quite simply, it doesn't. We'll see what happens. I need to try harder to better myself.

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.