Monday, October 02, 2006

The Sour Note to End On

Tonight went alright. Actually, checkout, overall went smoothly, and one of my fellow supervisors (who I would call with questions when I came to a stumbling block) said how WELL I did. It really felt good, because very few people catch on this quickly I think, and I'm already about to surpass someone who has been supervising for months.

That said, various technical errors, unpredicted arrivals, and a demon-possessed printer caused me so much anxiety that I called my boss at 3 o'clock in tears.

Granted...most of the MUY IMPORTANTE things were finnished, but there was still a lot that I needed to do, that simply did not get done because I could not function as a human being. Anxiety kicked in, and when my boss returned my phonecall (basically, me breaking down on her answering machine) she called and told me just to drop everything, and she would handle it in the morning.

"Michael, you need to calm down. Just punch out and go home." (I had been there from 3 PM - 3 AM.)

Easier said than done my friend. We'll see what all I messed up come morning. I think most of the crucial stuff is done...but the safe isn't counted, payroll wasn't done, the "yellow page" wasn't filled out.....BLAH! Tonight, I sucked.

All I can do is learn, and continue on. I've only just begun, and I think I'm doing ok. Well...except for tonight. Beginngers typically suck at what they do.

Off to bed. (If I can even sleep.)

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.