Friday, November 24, 2006

Catch Up, And Win The Race

I got a lot of much needed sleep last night. Upon awaking this morning, I sat up in bed and curved to look be mind me. Hollow pops resounded in my back. Then, a twist to the right. More vertabrae popped. To the bathroom for a pee (yet again), and it was off to the ATM where I picked up some cash to buy a hunting license, money for my cell phone bill, and some money for the cable bill.

It's sunny, and today I feel so much better than I did yesterday. As I walked at a steady pace sporting a beanie and sweater, music pulsed through the mp3 player I borrowed from my brother. I felt for the first time in awhile, physically vibrant. I stopped at work, grabbed a fiji and moved on. I barely spoke to any of the employees. I just didn't want to. I felt good, and I didn't want to communicate with anyone associated with that place until I absolutely had to. Don't get me wrong...I wasn't rude or anything. ;)

Off I went. I stopped at a small foodmart to get my license, but I had forgotten my OLD hunting license, a requirement to buy new.

"I'll be back."

Luckily, I live within view of the foodmart so I walked home to get my old license. On the way back, I found that my brand new pack of smokes had been dropped, and luckily I found them before someone else did. I snatched them up, got my license, walked back to the house to drop them off and went off on a jaunt. I went to reservoir park today. It was dotted with Canada Geese and a few mallards -- along side some of the regular pond residents.

OH yeah! I also found a couple Shaggy Mane mushrooms too, in the very spot they were growing back in September! It was pretty cool.

Lots of shit still on my mind, but today I'm smiling. That's what counts.

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.