Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wind Me Up

It's nearly one o'clock in the morning and my thirteen year old brother is on the porch talking to God knows who about God knows what. Sitting here, it's hard for me to fathom the speed with which his voice has changed. He's gone from toddler with red curls, to tall lanky teenager with a cracking voice and armpit hair. In fact, this is the first time I've noticed that he is, officially, a teenager.

Things on the homefront have been, well, virtually non-existant. I've been spending so much time wrapped up in work, and running around with my friends that I only seem to sleep here in between activities. It's draining, it really truly is, which is why I'm definitely looking forward to my vacation time, and some quality one on one with mother nature.

Dipping in and out of depression, I've been ambling through life as best I can for the moment. One thing that helps is looking nice. If I dress up in my new clothes (I love Kohl's by the way), it makes me feel attractive, and sexually appealing. If I am that...then I am happier with myself. But trust me, on my down days...shorts, and a fleece pullover are all I put on, sometimes wearing dress shoes without sox as a temporary fix when I go outside to have a smoke. (A filthy habit which I need to stop.)


I finnally grabbed the double-disc Hysteria album, which I might add was a pain in the ass to locate! Finally, after searching K-mart, and Walmart, I found it at Best Buy, with only ONE on the shelf. I later read about the "issues" they were having on shipping the disc, etc.

So yeah, I love the design, the photography, the new liner notes, and the whole new visual aspect of the album down to the discs. From the audio point of view, Hysteria is now officially the BEST sounding Def Leppard album, hands down. Blasted on the stereo, it's almost like rediscovering the album. It sounds awesome, and it wasn't long before I remembered how great Don't Shoot Shotgun was, and why.

Oh yeah -- I also repurchased Pyromania. Though not digitally remastered, I bought this one because I simply had destroyed the previous disc I had. Pyromania to me, is "Comin Under Fire". That's probably, along with Too Late for Love, and Billy's Got a Gun, my favorite song on the disc. Something about the testosterone pumped backing vocals on this song (rather than the thin bv's of Photograph) turns me on. Not in sort of way, but rather, in a lover-of-rock kind of way.

Now it's all about waiting for a new studio album. Hopefully it'll be a lot ballsier, and testosterone driven than say...Let Me Be the One? Geesh.


So as previously stated, Gwen Stefani has a new album coming out December 5th. Triple platinum YAY! The new single "Wind It Up" is already one of the most popular downloads on iTunes this week, according to 'some sources'.

"Wind It Up"...hmmm. I'm not sure how to feel about this "song". I use "song" loosely, because much like the ever-popular Hollaback Girl, the vocals, though catchy, are not actually good vocals. It's definitely music. Music with cheerleader like chanting. The percussion is absolutely infectious, and symptoms are often swaying hips or tapping foot. Gwen yodels, which is bizarre within itself and there are samples taken directly from "The Sound of Music" on the song. It's more right along with the beat. When I first heard the song, I didn't like it. Then, 3, 4, and ok....10 listens into it, I found myself dancing around to it, and discovering little catchy things that I hadn't noticed on the first listen.

The video is awesome. (Click link, and play video on right hand side of her website to view.) Again with the Sound of Music theme. Gwen Stefani, as a nun, yodeling on a fake mountain top with plastic goats? Say no more! It's funny, light hearted, and honestly, so damn stupid that it's cool. It is, officially, the Hollaback Girl II for Gwen Stefani.

Admittingly though, as fun to DANCE to as these kind of talentless rap-like pop songs is "Orange County Girl" and "4 In the Morning" that I am REALLY looking forward to. Why? Well for starters Gwen actually sings. "4 In the Morning" I've only heard samples of, but it's a mid-tempo song that sounds something a lot like No Doubt would do. (That's probably because it was produced by ND bass player Tony Kanal, and Gwen.)

So yeah...she's feeling pretty selfish about releasing this album, but most of the songs were just scraps left over from Love Angel Music Baby. After a few singles and another tour, she's going to wrap up the next NO DOUBT album and they are setting off on a world-wide tour.


That'll be nice. I love your new stuff Gwen, but I really need some new No Doubt.

Love, hugs, and happiness to all.