Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Health > Snow At the Reservoir

It's been forty-eight hours since I've had a cigarette.


Food eaten yesterday:

1 bowl of granola cereal w/whole milk
1 roasted chicken salad w/ranch, croutons muenster cheese cubes, egg, carrot, and romain (chicken seasoned - but unbreaded)
2 dropped sandtart cookies X
2 glasses of orange drink w/the salad. ?

I'm not feelin' the whole "anti-carb" vibe. Reason being, I'm increasing my physical activity. Low-carb diets are for lazy people in my opinion - although like everything else they should be watched to a degree. Giving them up though? That would be far worse than giving up smoking for me. I mean, I love bread - I'll just cut back how much I eat. I adore wheat bread, granola, and grainy product. I worship milk, and adore fresh fruit.

So, instead of following some strict regimental diet, I'm going to just eat healthy and increase physical exercise. Right now I feel great because I've been eating better for a couple days now. A couple days ago, I had a roasted chicken wrap with tons of peppers and veggies. Sure...there was ranch and buffalo sauce, but not a whole lot. For a drink I had a diet pomegranate white tea. I've also included more water into my diet.

The prior day it was portabello mushroom sandwhiches in place of steak. With the onions and peppers only slightly cooked, the most unhealthy thing on the sandwhich was a swipe of mayo, and the very white bread it sat on. Compared to what I usually eat though? It's a big improvement.

No potato chips. No soda. (Soda isn't a big deal to me anyway.) I will continue to drink alchohol occassionally, but with diet sodas only...and I'll spend some extra time on the dance floor. I'll make it work.

Having said all of that, I'm going on day four...and it's been a very gradual process. The eating healthier started three days ago, but this is my first full day without so much as a wiff of a cigarette. So far so good, eh?


I took a walk today. I've had so much damn time off work that I've evaluated and re-evaluated my current situation down to the tiniest detail. As I wait for ODT to call me back about the position they're hiring for, I continually cut myself up into tiny bits. Haha...I'm just really worried that I'm not going to get the gig. If I don't, I guess that's life...but I really need to find something other than what I have. I need a real job...I need a career.


Thoughts of college have been lingering in my head. Maybe someday I'll get back to school. I feel like such a waste, and I'm pretty jealous that I missed out on the "college life". I see my friends graduating college...and I look around at what I have. It's pathetic really. I won't lose hope though. I just hope my natural abilities can work together to give me some sort of a boost in this world. I'm falling behind...missing out...but most importantly, waking up to these very facts.

I took some pretty nice pictures today. At one point, it began snowing while I was at the park which made for some interesting photos. Enjoy:

Canada Goose, oiling his feathers. (Waterfowl have oil glands that waterproof their feathers.)




King Quackers and Snowball, taking a rest. Snowball looks extremely comfortable, doesn't she? Haha!





Eastern Gray Squirrel...who just couldn't leave me alone.



Miss Mocha:








One of the local graveyards, not far from the pond:


Well...that's all for now.

Until next time...