Saturday, January 06, 2007

Diet, Health, Etc

I have 3 smokes left, and I'm done. I also stocked up on soy milk, granola, and health foods. Time to change things and start taking better care of my body.

No word from Outdoor Times, although the guy said it would be weeks before I heard anything since January's issue is already completed. We'll see. I'm anxious, worried, and optimistic...depending on what day it is.


Dating life is non-existant right now, although I'm talking to a few people. One guy called me new years. I've never talked to him before, but gave him my number because he USED to live in Altoona (and visits frequently) and is into wildlife illustration and trout fishing. It was a drunken awkward moment.


Still no car because I'm blowing it all on stupid shit like Brokeback Mountain, coats, and cigarettes.

Until next time....