Sunday, February 11, 2007

Before-bed Ramblings

Another day in paradise has drawn to a close and another sun has finally had it's say.

The woods behind my house.

Work was rather uneventful. Tonight I was dealing with two trainees on register. Luckily - I'm a strong register person and therefore had little problem when both of the newbies were shooting questions at me. I felt anxious and upset when I first arrived, but my mind eventually cleared a bit after 4 headache pills in an hour's time. Headaches and anxiety are pretty typical as of late, but a great deal of my sanity could be saved depending on this week's occurances - so I guess we'll see, eh?

Work ended with a text from none other than Wendy's dad:

"I'm coming to get you @ 8."

Well that's nice.

Eight o'clock was when I was finnished. He had obviously been talking to Wendy, who wanted me to be picked up from work so I didn't freeze on my walk home. It was a great gesture... just kind of bizarre that nobody asked me first. He swept me away and off to Wendy's house I went. Nobody really even asked if I wanted to go, but it's just become such a habit that I may as well have a leash for Wendy to walk me on. Haha! It's a bit overpowering sometimes...but my own fault. Wendy's house is my second home pretty much...but I do think a teeny tiny break is in order so that I can get some things accomplished in my personal life.

Wendy and I took a ride again tonight. That said - let me advise everyone to NOT text and drive. It doesn't work. Don't try it. It'll only scare your passengers [which happened to be me tonight] and cause them to grab the steering wheel to avoid certain death. Jesus was I ever mad! Since she wasn't paying attention, I threw in Def Leppard's "Hysteria" album and listened to a few tracks. Normally I avoid playing it because she doesn't "know" it...but I deserved it having sat through plenty of songs that I didn't know myself in her CD collection on previous rides.

During the ride tonight, I had one hell of a time singing. My voice kept cracking and was dry and gritty as hell for lower registered songs. I sounded like total crap. During the Leppard tracks, my fearsome falsetto had all but turned into a crunchy potato chip rasp thanks to the dry heat I was inhaling from the car's heater. Cold water, also not great for the vocal cords, also made it's appearance in my throaty pipes - furthering the damage by (probably) tightening the cords. I'm not a professional vocalist or anything...but I know that dry and cold is bad news for anyone trying to carry a tune. I may as well just carried my tune right out the damn door tonight.

One more day of hell, then three off. Woo!

Love n Peace