Friday, February 09, 2007

Random Things

Got some photos developed...including one of me and Phil Collen together in Pittsburgh during the 'ROA' tour. Most of the others didn't turn out (being that i used a disposable camera) except one of me and Sandy, and a distant shot of Tesla's lead vocalist. The space in my teeth and sweaty hair bother me.

If I can find a scanner I'll post'em.

I went to Walmart tonight to pick up some new work pants. I also realized that they had some decent jeans - Levi's and Wrangler which were bootcut (my favorite). Being that I can now wear jeans to work on Friday and that most of my jeans don't fit -- I picked up two pairs.

I expect to meet with both an orthodonitist AND my bank [loan for a car] before the end of the week. I'm sure I'll be writing in here again sometime tonight.

Love n Peace