Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reflecting, naturally...

I've been spending a lot of time outdoors. Such bouts of enjoyment often cause me to regret my job, and [for the most part] my current life position. When I refer to my "current life position", I'm referring to my j-o-b. I am however, not depressed about it - which is a far cry from where I've been in the past. I now have the means to change things now that I have a car!


Yesterday was a big slap in the face with reality, as I sat up at my grandma's house, talking with great-grandma. She's dying, and she knows it. All her bodily functions seem to be shutting down at 80 years old thanks to diabetes, and she feels that there is nothing left to live for. On three different occassions tears came to her eyes. She's lonely. I'm going to make an effort to see her more often.

Pray for her please.


On the upside...I may be getting an apartment with Amanda.

Also, I have plans to go to a gay bar Saturday night. So far, everything is lining up perfectly for it. Furthermore...I am looking into a gym membership this week to become a more fit, toned version of myself.

Busy busy busy...enjoy some of these photos I've taken over the past week.




Wild Strawberry

Vanscoyoc Run

Btw...I found my first yellow morel on my OWN this week. A single loner sprouting from the soil, cradled in the needles of a massive white pine:

Yellow Morel