Friday, June 08, 2007

Before-bed Ramblings

So I'm in this weird phase right now. It's a phase of distractions, passions, depressions, and confessions. It's a phase of get up and go rather than sit around and wait. (For once.)

Getting a car has ultimately changed my life. Strangely, I find myself uncomfortable with all the possibilities and options I now have. It's funny because it's what I've dreamed of for years, and now that it's been made available I'm kind of scared of it all. Seriously. I mean, live a life like I have and then throw yourself into all these new things. It's almost like culture shock just driving to State College by myself. I'm opening though, blooming, and turning into the person that's been trapped inside this lifeless shell for the past two and a half years.

The parents and I have been cooking out a lot. It's kind of nice spending time with them, despite recent clashes we've had over this or that. I don't spend very much time at home these days, and my italian greyhound pup Luigi has become more my father's dog than my own.

The dating pool that I've dipped into is finally beginning to churn. Plenty of opportunities seem to be throwing themselves at my feet, especially since last Sunday. I was hoping to go out this Sunday again, but I've spent all my money foolishly and have been forced to preserve what little cash I have for gas to tide me over until next pay.

My next pay is going to suck. Hours cut again. It fucking sucks, seriously. I mean, I am so drained of this job, but I try to remain optimistic. Still, favored employees recieve the most hours, and with my store manager in other areas opening other stores, there's not much I can do but bitch and moan about the new schedules.

On an off note - I took the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of June off for some camping up on the mountain.

Artistically, I've had no passion lately. I'm too busy ironing out this new workout routine, fighting with friends, and establishing independence. Moreover, my nose is constantly to the wind, searching for love, wherever it may be. Having been introduced to the local gay communties however, I must say that it would be alarmingly easy to go home with a different guy every night. Finding someone worth it though is surely going to be another task. a CD player for the car. Awesome!!!