Saturday, June 09, 2007

> fitness

Calories Burned: 528

Today, I overshot my goal daily calorie loss by a mere 28 calories. Still, I over shot it. I was limited on time today at the gym or I would've stayed longer, to burn more. Tomorrow time will be even shorter, but Monday I have all day to burn it all off. I've burned well over 2,000 calories already and I still have 3 days until my first week. (I was hoping to burn at least 3500, and it seems I'll be well over that if I continue to work hard.)

I feel more toned than I've felt in a long time already. The weights, and daily cardio routines are definitely burning fat. In fact, this may sound strange, but my face and neck look slimmer already...and I haven't "officially" lost a full pound of fat yet. I suppose it's possible?

Whatever the scenario, I had a fucking whopper today. Uhm.....NOT the way to lose weight obviously, but still, I'd have had it with or without the cardio so at least I got my exercise on top of it, right?

Diet is definitely something that I need to work on. It's more challenging than ever though now that I'm exercising, because I come home ravashed and looking for food. I'm not sure if my metabolism is sped up already, but it's a possibility?

Still learning and fine tuning my routine. Fortunately the calories keep coming off, and I'm staying active.

I feel good.

Off for a hike...