Sunday, June 10, 2007

> fitness / life

Calories Burned today: 616
Total so far this week: 3,000
Week ends: next Thursday

So I'm at 3,000 calories lost already this week, and I didn't start recording my calorie burnage until Thursday. That means I still have 4 days of cardio to reach my goal of 3,500 [1 lb] calories a week. And - seeing that I am overshooting my 500 calorie-a-day defecit, I am going to be well over that by the time Thursday rolls around. Take this into consideration with the fact that I did do cardio two prior days without properly knowing what to look for, or record, and you have even MORE than 3,000 calories burned. Awesome!

I'm feeling a little better today than I was last night. The whole dad thing kind of got to me but when it comes down to brass tacks the whole theory and mindset my father has isn't at all a surprise to me. This is also a person who didn't want me to register as a democrat because they were all "for the queers", etc.

Whatever the case, I've turned anger into motivation, and I'm leaning more and more toward a server job at Chilli's or some bar and grill style resturant. A lot of people have recommended me to it because I'm very personable with the public, and even a little flirtatious at times.

There would be more hours and more money to be made. Maybe this is a step in the right direction for an apartment or even getting back into college.

Just a couple of the things rolling around in my silly little mind.

Peace and love folks. Off for a shower!