Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Calories Burned: 528 + resistance training

The day started off well, I thought. 528 calories burned, and that was before using any of the machines for resistance training. As I went on, I recorded my weights, the number of reps, and the number of sets to give me a visual on how well I might be doing or how poorly. HA! I was happy when I left.

Then I came home.

Hopes for a new possible job have risen, and I hopped into the shower to head down for a possible interview. I haven't even been to the place, but it's not a place you actually fill out an application. The job? A knife salesman. You make your own hours, and make your own appointments with people...and I's something different. If nothing else, it could be a supplimentary income, but I know I get paid more than just commission so we shall see! Unfortuantely, by the time my dad got done kicking a garbage can full of ivy down the stairs, cursing and swearing at my brother, physically quarreling with my brother and speeding off into the distance declaring his hatred for all of us - four o'clock had arrived. Chances of anyone being down there now are pretty slim, but I'll give'er a go.

So and dad both overreact, dad attacks brother physically because brother uses the fuck word and disrespects the already moody father. Brother runs through house, breaking things...father and mother get into loud dispute before dad takes off.

What a joy living in our home. Is home really wear the heart is? OR, is it where the root of stress and anxiety is?