Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Verizon drops sponsorship for for Gwen Stefani's "SWEET ESCAPE" tour, due to Akon's misbehavior in Trinidad.

From The Blemish:

" Rapper Akon gave a young female fan a special treat during a Trinidad show at Club Zen. Unimaginative simulated sex. The rapper, best known for his song “Smack That”, dry humped the girl every which way on stage. After a minute, Akon can be seen scuffling away prematurely. Having been used and discarded like Kleenex at a Babes of Star Trek convention, the unidentified female curled up into the fetal position and mumbled, “Best. Concert. Ever” "

Appearantly the simulated sex was with an underage girl who was in an over 21 club. Akon was unaware of of her actual age, and in my opinion it's really no big deal. But of course, when the rich and famous make an honest mistake it's a damn circus.

So, Verizon dropped sponsorship for Gwen Stefani (being that Akon is her opening act) and is now sponsoring the talentless Black Eyed Pea gone solo; Fergie.

In a new song titled "SORRY", songwriter and rap star Akon apologizes to Gwen for the misunderstanding that cost her tour a few mill no doubt. This after he already publically released an apology to Gwen Stefani for the same reason. Although the total losses are unknown at this time, it has to be pretty bad if Akon is dedicating a SONG to it.

Akon and Gwen Stefani

In other news, Gwen Stefani is releasing her first perfume, called "L" (probably signifying a line that will probably be followed with "A", "M", and "B" if I had to guess.) The signature scent is supposed to be a blend of both feminine and masculine qualities.

With her new scent, Gwen Stefani's iconic style goes beyond both music and fashion both, into new territories.


Gwen is featured on the ad (of course), and is looking very beautiful - soggy wet. Many a straight man's dream no doubt. (No pun intended.)

Ad for "L"

Gwen's new single, "Four In The Morning" is her (and my) favorite song from The Sweet Escape.