Saturday, June 16, 2007

> fitness, work, etc

So no gym today because I work. I feel guilty already. Weekend gym hours don't exactly leave very much time for flexibility for those of us who work. It's all good though. A break will be good. Afterall, muscles aren't made at the gym...they're made in your off times, at home.


There's a new hire at work, and my GOD is he ever delicious. Seriously. I was clocked out in the breakroom chewing on a bagel and sipping coffee when he walked in and introduced himself to me, shaking my hand. Very friendly, and although one of my best [gay] friends Karen claims she doesn't have sounding gaydar alarms with him, I'm getting some very confusing vibes. There's something...I don't know what. Maybe it was just how he always smiles when we talk, or maybe it's that he addresses me by my name despite not really knowing me. Somehow, I get the vibe he knows me better than I know him.

Whatever the case, his nickname from here on out will be Sideburns. I'm not really sure how to find out if he's gay or not, or just very friendly and outgoing. He seems way more outgoing with me. Again, perhaps just wishful thinking.


So, I'm patiently waiting for my time to have money again. Hours are up this week a bit, so I should have spending money in a little less than two weeks. I put in my application in a couple places, and tomorrow I'm going to put in for another. It's nice to have such freedom of choice. I'm greatly saddened because I've missed out on the gay scene for two weeks now, and it's probably going to be at least one or two more before I can hit up the gay club in State College.

I had so much fun there. So many cute guys. A ton of compliments coming my way. It felt good to, for once, be around my own kind. You know - rather than be stuck in some little redneck bar here in town where I'm constantly worried I'm going to get beat up or shot with a double-barrel shot gun.

I'm at this stage where guys are hitting on me, but I'm kind of passing their offers in order to play the field a bit. I want to see just what I'm capable of. It sounds superficial, and if the right person comes along...I don't know...I might give them a try. But seriously, with my new found freedom, and progressive weight loss (I can tell a difference already) I'm becoming increasingly confident and don't want to be taken when mister perfect offers to give me a place to stay.

For once in my life, the possibilities are endless.

Btw...I'm thinking of going to beauty school. How gay is that?