Sunday, June 17, 2007

> life

Two days of gym skipped because of work. THAT sucks! Monday I'll be trying to make up for lost time to keep everything going smoothly. Luckily, my calorie intake was very low today, and I burned some calories at work flying around like a busy worker bee.

Work flew by in the blink of an eye, all thanks to coffee and splenda. If I were to guess, I'd say about six cups worth of European dark roast coffee, with whole milk and four packets of splenda each. I had the biggest caffeine buzz of my life as I flew around doing all sorts of tasks in record time. Ten-thirty came before I really expected it. But I might add that I am now ready to crash and burn in my bed to writhe in my sheets dreaming of Mr. Sideburns as he delicately wipes the bakery case.


Speaking of Mr. Sideburns, I work with him Wednesday. Not for more than a few hours, but I work with him, and that in itself is worth going to work for. Those cute littler perky ears, that boyish smile...and a handshake that made my heart palputate. That was some good stuff. Better than any caffeine rush.

Now comes the delicate task of finding out about his sexuality. Does he sway? Is he gay? Is there ANY chance? Or...have I just been foiled into falling in love with a super-friendly heterosexual (or worse...a closeted homo)who just happens to be outgoing and engaging. I hope to soon find out.


So school. It's funny because I've always liked hair, and doing girls makeup, but honestly I've always been more boyish in my hobbies and habits. (For a gay boy anyway.) It wasn't until recently, when my cousin Mandy graduated from beauty school that I even began to think about the possibilities of becoming a stylist, or beautician of sorts. And with the way I like to talk to people, and my creative edge, beauty school may be a more affordable way of leaving my current job behind. It would also be a job that would leave plenty of time for a social life, and well...enjoying life. It might be fun.

I can feel life changing so much since I got my car. Monday I'm going to apply as a server at a local resturant, take a resume to the job I already applied for, and go to the beauty school and find out what all becoming a student there would entail.

Who knows?