Sunday, June 17, 2007

> me, the clerk

Ugly welfare lady comes in demanding cigarettes without a shred of manners. Not so much as a please. I mean, it's expected of me. Afterall, how are they going to get their 400 + dollars in groceries if I'm not working to put money in their foodstamp card?

"Jack lights in a box?" I kindly ask.

"Yes." she snaps.

"How about a set of dentures, you toothless hag?" I mumble almost silently under my breath as I turn to carry out her demand.


Yesterday as I was working the espresso bar making frozen mochas, and a wildberry banana smoothie, when one of the girls waiting decided it would be acceptable to eat a straw.

I'm not fucking kidding. She chewed the goddamn thing up into pieces, and swallowed it. no no no no. How the hell do you get so fucking stupid?