Thursday, December 22, 2005

Chickens in Converse

Fun with Dick & Jane looks like a great movie! I love Jim Carrey, and have ever since the Ace Ventura movies. It seems any comedy with him in it is well worth buying, and I find his humor much funnier than that of Adam Sandler, or other comedic actors.

I love Bruce Almighty, The Grinch, Dumb and Dumber, and the Ace Ventura movies. (I wish they'd make another Ace Ventura adventure.)


I went to work today with hands in horrible condition. My a-topic dermatitus has been itched open, resulting in puffy, stinging hands. I didn't realize just how bad this was until I touched money.


It burned. I assume a combination of the dye, and germs could prove to be dangerous, and I definitely was not food-service-material today. Afterall, it was the warm moisture from plastic gloves that helped evoke my condition (along with stress, and cold weather my dermatologist says).

"Oh my God Michael!" my manager announced.

"That looks so painful. You need to see a doctor!"

DUH! (I thought....wondering if she would lend me her checkbook to make such a visit to be told the same bullshit.)

With that, she sent me on an adventure for white cotton gloves (despite previous customer complaints).

I finally found a pair, and the idiot sends me outside to take care of a kerosene spill, thus ruining my gloves and sucepting my hands to chemical dangers.

In my 3 years, I have found that CERTAIN women I work with will use your sex against you, as certain things are declared a "mans job". Although these jobs are typically the most dirty jobs, I'm all about sex equality, so there have been times when I refused. I mean come not play the damsel in distress to a gay guy, because it's not going to work!

Besides, by my experience, women are emotionally, and mentally stronger than any man. They also have a much higher threshhold for pain.

If you ask me...we need a woman president.


Yes, yes, yes, I have implimented bloggers comment system, with a few additions:

- comment moderation
- user registration requirement
- link tracking

I've done this for a number of reasons, primarily because this is my blog, and I have deemed myself the right to filter out the filthy scum posts from faceless scum who bring nothing more than negativity into this blog. Consider it fine tuning a few of the kinks that I felt should be handled in a more private manner.

Secondly, I think posting anonymously is the most retarded thing I've ever heard of. For God's sake if you're going to demand I hear you out, at least have the balls to reveal your identity. I don't respect someone who doesn't have enough confidence in their own point of view to give their true identity. Also: use diplomacy when disagreeing. Be a friend with your critiques, not an attacker.

And finally, the third reason for this implimentation is because the little circles look so fabulous beside the comment links! :-D


I finally found someone who knows what a faux hawk is, and I will be finally getting that funky haircut!


OH -- and an explaination for a lack of cookie-baking-photos:

Father and I had a bit of a fight, which was sparked by something as simple as me wanting to use the digital camera. (And you all wonder why I'm so sheltered?)

I gave it to him straight. I told him how controlling he was, and how I've never done anything to make myself out to be irresponsible, and how I'm never given the chance to BE a 21 year old.

Instantly he realized how ridiculous it did look, and he told me to take it. But I didn't. I wasn't going to take his camera, because I knew something would happen to it and I would NEVER live it down.

I discussed this information with my aunt, and she agrees with me on the fact that I'm treated like a child for NO REASON!

It's psychotic. Honestly.

I mean, getting a car would be so easy if he would let me on his car insurance and then let me pay the difference like a normal parent. I mean, the entire time I lived with my aunt and uncle, they praised me for being such a great driver. (Especially when compared to their own children.)

And yet, dad makes up a line of reasons why I shouldn't be on his insurance.

Blah diddy blah blah. It should be a default for parents to help there kids out a little bit, especially if they have no reason not to. It all boils down to one thing: control.

And trust me...good ol'Michael has the pot a stirrin' with controversy in regards to my living situation, and financial freedoms.

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents to death, but this is wear I draw the line. Hence my upcoming cellphone. The first step toward the recovery of my life.

Peace and love to all you sexy bitchez.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who sent me a Christmas card! I love you guys, I really, really do. There were a handful of you, you know who you are. Each one brought tears to my eyes.

I'm so lucky to have you guys.