Thursday, December 22, 2005

Working With the Sith

I woke up late today, and shuffled down the stairs with dry and splitting hands to find mom had written me a note to call work. Someone called, and most likely it was my Sith Lord of a manager reacting to a tidbit she came into this morning.

I called off last night for Friday, asking for a vacation day for my hands to recover. It was a 10 hour shift, and I knew that no matter what I did, the ending result would be the demotion of my dermatitus situation.

I know better than to call before evening however, because that is when my manager is most powerful.

I could picture my manager, poised on her huge black chair, viewing the book of nightly reports, and reading this little factoid with a growl. She probably then spun around, and slide her evil pointer finger (complete with a pointy evil fingernail) down the list of employee phone numbers to find mine on the back of the nicotine stained door.

She wants a fight.

Deep down, I knew that we had an employee quit. He gave warning, it was her assistants neglegence for not taking care of the situation prior to the managers return from vacation # 29308)

So, noting her dismay, I stayed an extra half an hour yesterday so that she could assess the situation with one of the supervisors in the office.

That wasn't all however. She continued to asked me to sacrifice two days off that I had coming up, and without hesitation, like a good mindless slave, I did. I knew what a help it would be, and even though I feel my manager is wrong about a lot of things, I didn't want to see her suffer like this.

She barely thanked me, and in fact, my agreeing to do this did nothing to spice up her attitude that day. She was as miserable as she had been when I walked through the door. (An 86% and 87% inspection does little to make matters better when you are a store who normally gets abot 95%).

Isn't it funny though, I've been doing a lot for these guys in times of need, and when my health becomes a concern, they throw their hands up in the air and go as far as to even criticize me for it?

Well, for the record I'm taking notes. I work with nothing more than a bunch of cackling boss hens who would rather nitpick and cluck around about my flaws than admit that I am an essential employee with a real problem.

I will remember how I was treated in my time of need, and will be quick to announce it, and whip it at their face like a gigantic pie. And I will be sure to smear it around too, so other employees see just what kind of absolute these assonine people deal you.

If you aren't kissing their asses, you are slime, and will be considered an enemy.

Peace and love to all.