Monday, December 12, 2005

The Darkness "One Way Ticket To Hell" Album Review

I first became exposed to The Darkness in 2004 when I bought "Permission To Land". I had heard of them through Def Leppard's website, as The Darkness were listed as an opening act.

Flamboyant, and nostalgic looking, "Permission To Land" took awhile to hook me. I never really gave the album a chance. Initially I found Justin Hawkin's lead vocal style a bit annoying when he ventured into falsetto territory, but what I soon found is that his vocal style would be as infectious as the bird flu.

And so I awaited the arrival of their next album, "One Way Ticket To Hell".

One Way Ticket To Hell

Here it is, late 2005 and the album is finally out. Nobody has really been talking about it, as it was my own curiosity that drove me to buy the album.

Rumors that the band had worked with Mutt Lange on this album seem to be false, as I see no mention of his name in the album credits. But what I do find is an album with thick, slick, harmonic, Queen-like choruses, and guitar driven rock'n'roll that hasn't reared it's head in this fashion since the early 90's.

The first song, and title track happens to be the first single from the album. Enjoyable, foot stomping rock that really sets the pace for the entire album.

[Video Removed By Author]

I give this album a 5 out of 5 rating.

If you like Queen, Def Leppard, or bands like will buy and love this album.

Album highlights are these five star rock songs: "One Way Ticket", "Is It Just Me?", "Dinner Lady Arms" , "Hazel Eyes" and "Bald", and "Blind Man".

There is no filler material, in my opinion. All the other songs are deserving of 4 stars, except "English Country Garden" which I would call the worst track on the album. (Yet still very listenable.)

It's a wonder this album hasn't gotten more attention. I would say it's the best HARD ROCK album released in a decade and a half.

Buy it.