Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pay Day

I ate a "Pay Day" candybar for breakfast (my bad), and it sucked out loud. Seriously, there are few things that taste worst than the taste of artificial peanut flavoring. ICK! Not the way to go.

It feels like home again on the blogfront, with my old blog logo back in place. Many thanks going out to Lex for steering me in the right direction. (As I'm a complete idiot when it comes to most html stuff.)

I love old english text, always have. So why the fuck not!?

Also, I cut out the automatic music for awhile (I think perhaps it is a bit annoying) and implimented what some might say is another "website no-no!": falling snow. I guess you could say I got rid of an evil, and added another.

I like the falling snow just because it makes me feel cozy. I dunno.

I've got a long-ass shift tonight at work. Two to midnight to be exact, but I don't have much room to complain because I've been off so much. It's okay though, I'm going to have them boost up my hours again until I can get some momentum here.

It's funny, because late this summer, I had my hours cut (by my choice) to spend more time to myself, and try to focus on my life. However in a few short months, I've learned very quickly that without big paychecks, there is no advancement, and I'm giving myself even less opportunities to get out on my own and start a life.

It's a harsh reality.

Also, I need benefits. I haven't been to the doctor in years, or the dentist. I know my work benefits suck, but some are better than none right?

I only have my own procrastinating ass to blame for no health insurance, as I had the opportunity a few times and just couldn't find a reason to sit down and figure out all the paperwork.

The fact is, health insurance is a must...and because I'm not Canadian, I don't get it automatically.

Rumor has it however, the waiting lists for surgery in Canada are quite lengthy. Still, their method seems so much more humane.

I mean, don't we ALL have a right too good health? I think we do.

In other news, I realized something the other day. A friend of mine asked me how I've been doing without smoking, and I had totally forgotten that I ever stopped!

Granted, I never smoked much...but I do get urges (especially when I drink). It's more a thing of lighting one up, and having a good conversation, ya know? But I mean, it's such a nasty habit...and people who smoke taste and smell bad generally.

But hell, the smell of cigarette smoke makes me sick.

I've noticed that red meat has also started turning my guts a bit more than usual. It's heavy, and after eating it I feel very sluggish.

Overall, my body is naturally rejecting things that aren't good for me.

That's a good thing.

Anyways, I'm off to work.

Peace, love, and hugs to all.