Saturday, March 18, 2006

Beauty Contest

Not really, but, I've noted that since the more career oriented part of my life has been taking shape in front of me, that I've completely neglected my body, and personal upkeep. So, in order to achieve optimum happiness and complete the circle, it is due time I grab ahold of that aspect of my life as well.

Junk food has a firm grip on me, with cherry and apple turnovers completely hindering any hopes I had for eating healthy this past week. Along with that a new addiction to Mountain Dew (orange) and potato chips. (I've never been a pop'n'chips kinda guy...until recently, but I'm quickly finding they make me feel sluggish!)

Cold weather, though normally it has little affect on me, has driven me indoors. The warm spirts are coming back though, so I should soon be doing more walking, and less of the Muncho's and Star Wars Battlefront II.

I'm not a good smoker. I only recently started, thanks to the stress I was enduring at work. To me personally, what's addicting about cigarettes is the social value of having a smoke with your pals in the break room, chatting about the evenings events. Just having a smoke, that's what it's about to me.

Realistically however, thoughts of emphasima, lung cancer, and heart disease have been creeping into my mind with each terpentine-filled puff of my camel menthol lights, and it's time to kick that one in the ass as well.

So, when things are going to be going so well, why screw it all up by getting fat, and ruining my body?

I talked to a customer yesterday about a new gym, not too far from my home that will be OPTIMAL when I finally get my car. It's pretty cheap, a very good gym, and they give you a personal trainer and routine to get into tip top shape.

I'm not what anyone would probably call "fat", but the fact is, I feel kinda flabby...and I have a high tendency to build muscle. Working out and exercise always tones me up pretty quick, so it'll be neat to see what I can accomplish by actually going to the gym on a regular basis.

I'm so darn excited by this, it's insane. It's an affordable price too, and the gym is exactly where I need to be. That, along with falling back into my walking routine, eating healthy, and quitting smoking can only spell a better all-around life.

Also, I need new clothing. New shoes, new shirts, new pants. My work shoes are down right embarrassing, so I'm gonna change that with my next paycheck. Perhaps haircut as well...this moppy look ain't cutting it.

Don't get me wrong, I've stashed enough experience in the past few years to know there will likely be days I don't feel like doing, or going to the gym...but as I've found with art, once you start going and seeing the results, it's all worth it in the end.

Hugs to all.