Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cornfields of Popcorn

"Happiness is not a horse. You cannot harness it."

Today I was depressed and anxious, but thanks to a talk with my mom I feel a lot better. Her and I discussed the future, and what we basically need to focus on step by step. I sure hope dad's lawyer gives us a call soon.

To be quite honest, I almost didn't even let ON that I was depressed, because I didn't want you all to know I fell off the horse of happiness. I guess I was embarrassed that today, I was the Michael that I hate being. I'm all better though now, knowing that business is getting taken care of, and that we're only a short distance away from being back on track again. We basically simplified the next couple of months step by step so we know as a whole what we are trying to achieve. It takes so much pressure off!

One thing I will say is that all this bullshit we've gone through has made us a stronger family, underneath it all.

Tonight we went for ice cream, and cruised around listening to Ozzy. It felt good, although it was definitely out of line with my hopes of being on a diet! I can't wait to get that gym membership toward the end of the year. The Michael of 2007 is going to be much hotter! Hahaha!

So yeah, I was browsing the No Doubt message board, and I noticed guitarist Tom Dumont laid to rest some rumors that were floating around ever since Gwen did the Love.Angel.Music.Baby. project.

The rumor was amplified by some disheartened fans when photos and news on the band working on songs (without Gwen) surfaced. The press took ahold of the new photos, and as they tend to do, created more havoc.

Tom Dumont, also a new parent, responded:

"Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing okay out there. I've been having fun with my new baby, I'm an expert diaper changer now.

There seems to be some confusion out there, because the press has picked up on the Band Journal here, dated 5/2 which states that Tony, Adrian and I have been writing songs in the studio lately. Yes we have been working on music, and yes without Gwen, but that's because she's 9 months pregnant and resting up to give birth very soon. We're writing and recording music to be collborated on with Gwen at a later date, after she's had plenty of time to settle into being a new Mom. Anyway the point is that we're writing music with Gwen's blessing for No Doubt, which obviously includes Gwen. No Doubt is not broken up, of course Gwen is still in the band, and it's been that way for about 20 years now. Okay, I hope that's clear enough. All the best and take care No Doubters...

On that note, it is reported by close friends that Gwen is already writing songs about the new arrival, and being a new mom for the new No Doubt album.

gwen in 2001

As a long-term No Doubter, I just can't wait. Gwen is great at writing lyrics from emotion, and anyone who was a fan of her knows how LONG she's waited to be a mom! I can't wait to hear what the band pens up for the next album.

Anyway...that's something else to look forward to. I WILL see No Doubt on the tour for this album.


Peace, love, and keep rockin' steady.

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