Monday, June 26, 2006


Two guys were going to steal gas tonight, I just know it. The driver stayed in the vehicle, while his (evidently) gay partner pumped the gas. They continually looked in nervously, and looked like they were just about ready to wrap it up as I glared out the windows at them.

Unfortunately, I spoiled their party by "changing trash" that really didn't need changed at the pump. I got a license number, and the guy's face got all red. They looked like they were going to shit a brick when I came up to the car.

The pumper walked into the store, and HAHA...didn't have money to pay for his gas. He "tried" using his cash assistance, but nothing would work, nor could he get money out of the ATM. The funny thing is, I'm pretty much positive by his nervous twitching that he KNEW that WE knew what the plan was. He could barely look up at us.

So...we asked him for his ID, and had to get the info on his car so that he had to pay us back. They didn't have ID or registration!! SO...with the car make, license number and all that fun stuff, they left without paying, with the understanding that they had 24 hours to get us the money.

Well, we couldn't really call the cops for them not having the money, but we decided to call the cops and inform them of a lack of registration and drivers license.

Sucks to be them.