Saturday, September 23, 2006

Leaves in the Wind

I can barely believe how quickly autumn has set in, here, in these last couple weeks of September. Autumn is, along with spring, my favorite season. In all honesty, I probably like autumn a little bit more, for it's sheer beauty and perfect weather. The crisp air, the enamoring beauty of the trees, and bounty of wildlife all add to the experience. But autumn is a mere flash in the pan in comparison to all other seasons, and before long snow will be blowing through the air, and the branches of the trees will be weighed down with white, powdery snow. I'm not complaining though. For me, summer has worn out its welcome -- at least for awhile.

Coffee Guru is picking me up from work tonight, and I haven't seen him in a few it's gonna be a good day.

Oh...and before I forget, here's a message from Connie:

"Hey guys, I would greatly appreciate it if you passed this along. 100% of
the money that Chili's makes on Monday the 25th will go to St. Jude.

Thanks, Connie

My daughter's friend ,Nick Avery, was a St.
Jude patient until August 25, 2006 when his life ended suddenly due to an
unexpected complication from leukemia. Please help children and teens like Nick
who are still fighting for their lives. How can you help? Simply by taking your
family out to dinner at Chili’s.St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is
undergoing an expansion that includes the Chili’s Care Center which will house
more inpatient rooms and research. Chili’s guests nationwide can be a part of
this meaningful campaign by donating $1 or more throughout the month of
September to color a pinup of the signature Chili’s pepper. In addition, patrons
can purchase Create a Pepper t-shirts from Chili’s that can be customized with
permanent marker to fit their individual style. New this year are Create a
Pepper gift cards, which offer a means of giving to those you love while giving
back. Chili’s will donate $1 to St. Jude for every $25 purchased in Create a
Pepper gift cards. Patrons also are encouraged to eat at their local Chili’s on
Monday, Sept. 25, when Chili’s will donate 100% of its profits from restaurant
sales to St. Jude.Join us on Sept. 25 to honor Nick’s memory and to help other
children continue their fight by eating at Chili’s. Visit
to find the Chili’s restaurant in your neighborhood."