Friday, September 15, 2006


  • I took my shift supervisor assessment (results soon)
  • Coffee Guru date # 1 went very well
  • only 3 more checks to my parents, and I'm free
  • car by late November
  • spontaneous, last minute 2nd date with Coffee Guru went even better than first.
  • 3rd date with Coffee Guru planned for Tuesday

This week has been a blur, full of last minute decisions, and busied schedules. I haven't had the energy to really post anything, nor the time, but I will say this: the first date with Coffee Guru went extremely well. Things went so well in fact, that I spent the night for some harmless cuddling, and talking. It was nice to hold someone...and to be held. The kisses were nice too.

We visited a state park, stood atop an immense water tower and took in the beautiful view that surrounded us. Dribbling rain drops drove us back to the jeep, but not before he managed to take a snapshot of me staring out over the landscape. Might I add that it is an image he has put on his desktop wallpaper, replacing his favorite pet.

The next day I met with my store manager to discuss the supervisor position. She gave me a head start on all the other possible supervisors by inviting me with her to go to State College to take my assessment.

I took my assessment (seemed easy), and we took it immediately to the corperate office, which luckily, is located only about 13 miles from my home. That night I worked, came home, not expecting to see Coffee Guru for a week, when he made the spontaneous decision that I was worth the 20 minute drive to spend time together. At the suggestions, I scrambled around, threw some hair product in, and some clothes, tossed some essentials into my bag and flew out the door to greet him.

I gotta say...last night was amazing. Just to hold's amazing. But then these budding feelings between us, it's so new...and it's like nothing I've ever found before.

Right now I'm very happy, and anxiously awaiting for our next sporadic date. Our next scheduled date is for Tuesday...we're gonna hit up that state forest again and do some hiking. Stay tuned for pictures. I doubt I'll get to see him before then, but it sure would be nice.

Day by day, we are working on it. He's great.