Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So I'm ravashed. I'm not sure if I'm a pig...or if I'm just hungry because of the exercise I've been getting...but after a peanut butter/jelly sandwhich, some pizza rolls and string cheese, I've finally curbed my cravings and am just about ready to shower and head to work.

Today was day 2 of my new workout routine...if routine is even the appropriate word for what I'm doing. I got up early enough that I could work out before going to the j-o-b. Right now I don't have any set specifics, I'm just basically going in and doing a basic full-body work out, and cardio. If I'm to be completely honest, there are still a few machines I'm not really comfortable with using, but the fitness instructor is more than glad to help me if I have questions. I'm setting the weights to a comfortable weight so that I can do about 10 - 12 reps before pausing for a break. Then I'll do one or two more reps of 10 or so, but usually no more than two reps of 10 are possible. For cardio, I just sort of hop on and set to a specific program. I've learned to program the eliptical and the reclined bicycle, but with the bicycle I've yet to finnish the 20 minute "up hill" program. It's pretty hard, and I have strong legs! That said, I'm loving the eliptical because it doesn't hurt knees and feet like jogging does.

Today, for the first time, I tackled the harder of two possible ab machines. You lay on the board, put your feet through these bars, and grab bars above your head. You then curl up like an armadillo bringing your head to your knees.

Admittingly - I could only do a handful of these torturous crunches. And by the time I was ready to try the [rather awkward] obliques exercise (by tilting the foot levers to the right or left) I didn't have the energy to pull it all together. HAHA! However abs are a big reason of why I joined a gym in the first place. I flat stomach is something I'm determined to find, and coincidentally it seems to be the goal that is farthest away. But having done just a handful of the crunches on this machine, my entire ab region is tight.

Before long I went to the other ab machine which you sit forward and use the weight resistance to your...well..disadvantage as you sit back up. This machine seems to only work the lower abs, but I still do it because it's easier and is probably a more realistic ab exercise than the previously mentioned one. I did quite a few reps on that today.

My upper arms, under arms, lower arms, chest, legs, upper back and neck, abs, and even my butt got a workout this morning! Oh yeah...and lest I forget the cardio. I feel good...sore...but good. So yeah...I've rediscovered water, the burning sensation of sweat in your eyes, and will take a break from weights tomorrow and focus on cardio for the day to let my muscles regenerate.

I'm lovin' it.